The easiest way to build your very own Robot Lawn Mower

Easy to buy parts, simple electronics and detailed instructions is what makes this automatic lawn mowing project unique. Join the waitlist to not miss the updates!

Best features

It's a robot

Once setup you don't have to do anything. Robot will cut the grass automatically, charge itself and maintain perfect lawn.

Simple tools only

You don't need any crazy expensive tools or knowledge to build it, everything is clearly explained. If something is hard to make or buy you can buy it at store.

Less waste

Robot cuts very tiny pieces of grass that fall down and decompose - you don't need to collect the grass at all! No more thinking about what to do with all that grass.



DIY nature of the project means you can enjoy the process of building it on your own or with family. It’s a lot of fun!

Easy to fix

You build it – you know how it works and all the files are available so unlike the commercial solutions you can fix it at a low cost!


Now for some social proof...

I thought he was joking when he said he was building a robot to mow the lawn. Now, I'm the proud father of a genius. Or at least, a guy who doesn't have to mow the lawn anymore. Good job, son!
My dad
Indymower has turned my yard into the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, I get to tell everyone my son built it. It’s like having a lawn-mowing superhero in the family!
My mom
It’s hard to admit, but my neighbor’s lawn looks amazing thanks to Indymower. While I’m out there sweating and pushing my mower, he’s inside enjoying a cold drink. Life’s not fair!
The neighbour

About the project and the author

IndyMower is a part of Indystry project where Nikodem Bartnik is developing open source, easy to build machines, tools and solutions that you can make on your own, modify and fix! is a website where you can find all the files for each project and buy parts that you need to build it, for example IndyMill – DIY metal CNC machine.

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