Arduino based Machine Learning Robot

Are you interested in learning more about an easy to build machine learning robot? It’s a perfect introduction to machine learning and more advanced robotics!

Best features

It's a robot

Robots are cool! And once you complete the project you have a robot that can autonomously navigate in a race track based on LIDAR data.

Simple tools only

You don't need any crazy expensive tools or knowledge to build it, everything is clearly explained. If something is hard to make or buy you can buy it at store.

Based on data

It's a perfect introduction to data science in robotics as you can collect your own data, learn how to process it and implement your model in a working robot.


Arduino and LIDAR

While a lot of people may think that it’s not possible, running a LIDAR with Arduino and ML model is totally possible and not that hard. LIDAR data is collected and stored on the SD card to be later processed with Python. The final model (Random Forest) is exported to the Arduino.

Python based data processing

Python is the most popular language in data science and for this project you will learn how to use one of the most popular libraries scikit-learn.


Videos about the project

About the project and the author

Arduino based ML robot is a part of Indystry project where Nikodem Bartnik is developing open source, easy to build machines, tools and solutions that you can make on your own, modify and fix! is a website where you can find all the files for each project and buy parts that you need to build it, for example IndyMill – DIY metal CNC machine.

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