EggBot – Plywood and 3D Printed Parts


Plywood and 3D printed parts to build a simple egg painting machine.

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I created my first eggbot in 2015, which was one of my first Arduino-based projects and at that time it was extremely challenging for me. I got it working at least kind of, it wasn’t super precise and the construction was crappy. But I was and still am proud of this project because at that time without fancy tools like 3D printers or laser cutters I was able to build a working machine, using DIY methods and basic hand tools. That’s a great example of my journey in making stuff, looking back at where I was in 2015 and at where I am now (writing this in 2020 during the quarantine) it’s crazy to see how much I improved my skills and knowledge.

This version of eggbot (or CNC egg painter, or egg painting machine) finally works as I wanted my first version to work. Initial idea was to use 28BYJ48 stepper motors but because of high imprecision and play on the shaft, it wasn’t as precise as I wanted to so I redesigned the whole project to get it working with popular NEMA 17. To control everything I used Arduino UNO and A4988 stepper drivers. If you don’t have a laser cutter or a 3D printer you can still make this project by buying from my Tindie store and supporting my work that way!

Keep in mind that right here you are buying only plywood parts cut on laser and 3D printed parts. You need to buy stepper motors, Arduino, drivers, and some other components on your own.

Unique plywood design makes it really easy to build and adjust for painting different objects.


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