IndyMill Steel Plates Kit

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Set of 11 steel plates that you need to build IndyMill. Powder-coated (RAL5015) and tapped.

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If you are here you probably already know what IndyMill is! If not check out this video:

The steel plates kit is composed of 11 custom-cut steel plates.  Z-axis rail supports are 8mm thick and everything else is 6mm thick. All parts are powder coated with RAL5015 and tapped.

I decided to tap those parts on my own even though it takes a lot of time. It’s quite easy to break the tap and destroy the plate that way (broken taps are really hard to remove).  That way you also get ready to assemble kit that you can easily use to build your IndyMill!

7 reviews for IndyMill Steel Plates Kit

  1. Michael von Maltzahn (verified owner)

    Perfect to build your indymill in a heartbeat. Bought together with the screws and bearings set and it took me less than a week to build (after having received or printed all the parts).
    One star less (would have been a half star if possible), because mounting a 1.5 kw spindle – which Niko mentions on his YouTube channel as upgrade – cannot be easily mounted due to lack of holes.
    Other than that I would immediately buy this thoroughly and precise manufactured again and without hesitation.

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    I bought the set of steel plates after viewing Niko’s videos and finding that I couldn’t get the plates cut locally for less. Originally, I thought it was a bit expensive but I really like the idea of supporting someone who puts so much effort into their work.
    Once arrived, it was clear that the plates were cut and powder-coated to a high standard. I have not yet built the machine as I’m struggling to get other parts from China but I’m very happy with my purchase.

  3. Tomas (verified owner)

    Really loved this build and buying the steel plate directly save me from a lot of headache. Overall good quality, only minor issue I had was having to re-tapp a few of the M3 holes.


  4. Lars (verified owner)

    I ordered the steel plates kit and in addition the instructions and the arduino shield.
    Everything fitted perfectly and was easy to follow. Also the quality of the parts were really nice!
    The Stl files are really good as well. I was able to print all files at once and they all fitted nicely.
    Next time I would consider buying the screws and bearing package as well, because it can be tedious to source them by yourself.
    Overall I really enjoyed the build!

  5. Azzoz AlHasani (verified owner)

    I ordered this and the shipment got lost by USPS. After a while they sent another package to me.

    I’m happy with the product. I like the finish and the accuracy of wholes positions. I also like the overall design of the CNC. still assembling the CNC, it’s a long process, and I can’t wait to cut some chips.

  6. Arvin Singh (verified owner)

    The steel plates are of amazing quality! All the holes were perfectly tapped and i had no misalignment/binding issues. It is also not that expensive for what it is. I really appreciate how much work Nikodem has put into this project to make it easy for people to gather materials and build an windmill for themselves instead of dropping thousands on a commercially available CNC. Bravo!

  7. Paul E (verified owner)

    I purchased the plates along with the screws and bearings pack. Made building a lot quicker, I am halfway through just waiting on 2 more rails and ball screws to complete. Purchasing as a pack saved me a lot of time searching for the items.

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