IndyMill is an open-source CNC machine designed with simplicity and ease of build in mind. Its construction is mostly made of metal and thanks to the use of popular, standardized components is easy to build worldwide. Friendly design makes it available to a variety of users, from experts to enthusiasts. IndyMill is also open-source, which enables you to not only build it on your own terms but also easily tweak and modify it!

Simple yet incredibly capable Tribo-type powder coating gun that lets you add a professional and durable finish to your project or product. That’s what is used to paint the IndyMill steel plates kit.

Set of bare steel plates for IndyMill. You can paint it any color and method you want. Since you have to paint it it comes without threads so you need to tap it on your own. Those are exactly the same plates as in a painted set.

Set of 11 laser-cut steel plates. Powder coated and tapped by the author of the project. The color is RAL5015 and the plates are ready for assembly out of the box. Thickness of the material is 6mm (8mm for the z axis rails support) and the total weight of the set is 5.2kg

Set of mini sanding blocks, perfect for model making, finishing 3D prints, cosplay, and every small project in your workshop! Featuring a metal screw and nut for increased durability. Available in 4 colors.


“Empowerment of individuals is a key part of what makes open source work, since in the end, innovations tend to come from small groups, not from large, structured efforts.”

Tim O’Reilly

All projects are easy to build, extra work put towards documentation

Open source from the beginning to the end.

Well-thought-out designs. Simple is beautiful.

Other projects:

Indystry is my new long term project. I want to create open-source machines and share them with everyone around the world so that making and manufacturing will become cheaper.  We no longer need expensive monopolistic solutions! These days we need professional inexpensive solutions that are open and easy to fix. It’s not only good for us, it’s also good for our environment. Who knows maybe something that I am starting now just as a small project will become a huge thing one day 🙂

The meaning of a new Indystry logo is to present the curved path to any successful project as well as the perspective that you need to keep in mind when doing any kind of open-source work. INDY is put in bold to emphasize independence and different approach to projects in general. The logo is a result of a long design process where over 30 different icons were created. Designed by Nikodem Bartnik