IndyShield – CNC Arduino Shield

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A simple screw terminal shield that makes it easy to connect to external stepper drivers. Can be used with any CNC machine. PCB only!

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IndyShield is a simple Arduino UNO/Leonardo GRBL compatible shield with screw terminals so that you can easily connect big stepper motor drivers, spindle control and buttons. I made in order to control my IndyMill, but in fact, it can be used to control any CNC machine and even every project that involves stepper motors.

While designing I focused on simplicity so there is not a lot to solder and every beginner would easily do it.

In order to finish the PCB you will need to buy:

  • 21 Two port screw terminals
  • 4 gold pins for I2C header
  • Arduino shield headers

This product is PCB only! Assembled Unit is only shown for reference.

3 reviews for IndyShield – CNC Arduino Shield

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Great shield, works as advertised.

    Important note:
    Take the long pin connectors, because I didn’t and had to fuddle a little to get a good connection on all pins.
    I recommend to mount the screw terminals on the side above the arduino’s USB port inward. This way you get the port closer to the outer wall.

  2. D COMPAGNON (verified owner)

    Easy assembly, perfect hole sizes and spacings. Great !

  3. Jordi Fernández García

    Good shield to use external drivers or limit switches.
    Only downside is that it was designed for the older grbl pinout.
    Version 1.1 changes spindle and one of the limit switches so spindle pin os pwm.
    Just be careful with it or edit your Arduino grbl firmware pinout.

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