IndyMill Bare Steel Plates Kit

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Set of plates for IndyMill CNC machine, unpainted and untapped so that you can customize and DIY

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To lower the cost and allow for customization I decided to create a bare steel kit of plates for IndyMill. This kit is not painted (you need to somehow protect it from corrosion) and untapped so you need to make all the needed threads on your own. So unlike IndyMill Steel Plates Kit this one is not ready for assembly out of the box.

The steel plates kit is composed of 11 custom-cut steel plates.  Z-axis rail supports are 8mm thick and everything else is 6mm thick.

More info on the whole project:

7 reviews for IndyMill Bare Steel Plates Kit

  1. M Anderson (verified owner)

    Parts arrived promptly & well packaged. It made my m/c build a lot easier.

  2. D COMPAGNON (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, super strong packaging, and precise lasercuts parts. Perfect !

  3. T Seek (verified owner)

    Parts arrived quickly and without blemish. These steel plates have made a rigid build that would be hard to match without custom machined parts for much more.

  4. S Boerboom (verified owner)

    Fast and proper shipment. Good quality parts to help me finish my build!

  5. Ken

    It was packaged well and the plates are good quality.

  6. Graham (verified owner)

    Precise high quality parts at a reasonable price

  7. Daniel Shaw (verified owner)

    Hi Nikodem,
    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your review request!. These parts were/are fantastic! I ended up spraying them with a rust inhibiting black glossy paint and they look amazing! Tapping the holes was a little bit of drama, but all worked out in the end. I have used the mill successfully in a number of little projects and experiments, and I even lengthed the Y axis an additional 200mm so I can mill guitar body templates and guitar neck profiles. I love this mill and all the work you did to make this happen!!!.

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