IndyMill Screws & Bearings


All the screws and bearing that you need to build IndyMill already counted and organized for you so that you don’t need to source all of them from multiple sources.

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This is a kit of screws and bearings for IndyMill. Ordering the proper sizes and lengths of each screw (sometimes from multiple stores) and making sure that everything will fit and work properly isn’t fun. That’s why I created this product! There are 253 elements in total.

What’s included?



M3x16 mm 14
M3x10 mm 48
M3x8 mm 26
M3 Nyloc Nut 4
M3 T Nut 22
M5x20 mm 8
M5x16 mm 22
M5x12 mm 28
M5x10 mm 4
M5 Nyloc Nut 24
M5 T Nut 20
M6x12 mm 20
M12x1 Nut 3


608ZZ 1
6201RS 3
51101 Thrust Bearing 3
6000RS 3


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